Sneak Peek | David & Lindsey’s NYC Courthouse Wedding







SNEAK PEEK | Angela’s Baby Shower at Xaviars X20 on the Hudson








SNEAK PEEK | Nicky & Charlotte NYC Courthouse Wedding

Here is a little sneak peek from Nicky & Charlotte special day.







The Little Moments at Three Kings Parade 2015

Moments is what photography is all about. Yesterday I shoot the Three Kings Day Parade for El Museo. And there were plenty of moments. In the wake of “The Selfie,” “Photo Bomb,” and everyone having a camera catching these moments can be challenging. But, when you do get those priceless moments it makes you feel great. Here are just a few moments that put a smile on my face.

– Enjoy

Three Kings Day Parade 2015






5..4..3..2..1 Goodbye 2014 !!!

Happy New Year!

2014 was a challenging year but I am excited for the New Year and the new challenges to come. Hello 2015!!


Sneak Peek | Jacoby & Jonathon Family Portaits

5..4..3..2..1 Goodbye 2014 !!! Happy New Year!

2014 was a challenging year but I am excited for the New Year and the new challenges to come. Hello 2015!!


The best of CLM Visuals in 2014


Sneak Peek | Dana & Joanna Courthouse Wedding

My last wedding of 2014 was Dana and Joanna NYC Courthouse wedding where they were surrounded by family and friends. Oh, I love to shoot courthouse weddings. Enjoy-






Protests After Grand Jury in Eric Garner Chokehold Case Doesn’t Indict Officer


As I was walking home around 9pm from an assignment at El Museo del Barrio protesters were walking down my street in Harlem, voicing their frustration after the grand jury cleared NYPD officer, Daniel Pantaleo in the Eric Garner chokehold case. Once again I am lost for words. My heart aches for the those who lost love ones over the years to such a senseless crime. I am just not ready to voice my opinions, because its mixed with angry, frustration, fear and longing. And most importantly I don’t have a solution to give. My heart is overwhelmed with emotions…  as woman who is a daughter to a black man, sister to black man, the man I love is a black man and one day a mother of a black man I wish people believe are lives MATTER!

#EricGarner protesters walk down West 121 Street in Harlem



Sneak Peek | Thorkelson Family Portraits Brooklyn

The weather warmed up just in time for the Thorkelson Family to have their portrait session in Brooklyn. And I got to meet the newest member of the family, Abby. Oh, she is such a happy baby. 1




El Museo del Barrio | Becoming Julia de Burgos

I love working with El Museo del Barrio. They always provide the best programs and cultural events. It doesn’t feel like I am working because I am always learning something new. And shooting Becoming Julia de Burgos was another example. I have heard of Julia in passing, but from covering this event I learned more about her life. Enjoy-


J2a J3a Ja


Sneak Peek | Schilb Family Portraits

It was great seeing the Schilb family again. Boy was it a windy day for family portraits, but Brian, Katie, Jacob and Carly were up for the challenge. Enjoy!

KS1a KS2a


Sneak Peek | Hay Family in Central Park

I got to photograph one of my favorite families, The Hay Family. I first meet them three years ago when they bought my AmazonLocal Coupon and we galloped around Central Park taking photos. I so love seeing how big these girls get each year and how their personality are blossoming. I even got in trouble this time by not bring anything cool for them to play with like last years photo session. But I have learned my lesson next year I am going to be prepared. In the meantime enjoy the awesome photos we took Sunday in The Conservatory Garden in Central Park.



N1 N2 N3



Lohud photographer rescues bride, groom stuck in massive traffic

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 2.28.27 PM

It was one crazy Friday for me. I was dubbed the Lohud Angel after rescuing Mahopac Newlyweds Robert & Katherine when they were stuck along with their bridal party in traffic for over an hour. There was a six car accident where 3 people were seriously injured and sent to various hospitals. Due to the nature of the accident the police kept the road shut for hours.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 9.54.55 PM

I was sent to cover the accident when I first spotted the bridal party from an overpass. I took a couple of pictures of them stranded along the road, but then I tried to get some shots of the accident I was asked to leave by the cops. As I was driving away I came upon my stranded bridal party and thought I should get their info. I parked in the emergency lane hopped the barrier and proceeded to take more photos of the stranded motorist and try to get the names of the newlyweds.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 9.54.30 PM

Right before I was about to leave a groomsmen asked if I could take the bride and groom with me to their reception. I thought about it for a second, then I said sure. So, they hopped over the barrier climbed into my car and off we were to get them to their reception.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 3.07.13 PM

Once we arrived we were greeted with smiles and cheer from the couple’s parents, grandparents and wedding guest. They were so happy that I was able to get the couple to their reception. I told them it was no big deal I was just glad that I was able to help. One of the dad’s said, “We want you to take a picture with the couple,” then some one shouted give her a kiss on the cheek. It was a great feeling to know that I was able to help someone in need and now Rob and Katherine will have a wedding to remember forever.  

To hear more in depth of what happened check out my video diary of the events as they unfolded. Photographer Recaps Rescue of Bride & Groom Stuck in Traffic and for photo gallery and full coverage.


Sneak Peek | Meet Mr. & Mrs. Sampson

Photographing family is always exciting. This weekend I got to chance to photograph my adoptive sister as she married Jamal in a small church on Saturday. It was filled with love and happiness. Here is a little sneak peek. Enjoy!











Sweet 15th Birthday in Long Island









#UptownBounce in Harlem

During the dog days of summer, what’s left to do but throw a block party with a neighbor? And that is what The Museum of the City of New York and El Museo del Barrio did last night during the first Wednesday night of #uptownbounce. This summer Nights @ 104th & Fifth,” is a series of music, dance and art events tied with extended hours and free admission to both museums. And I had a blast taking pictures last night. Here are just a few pictures… but I hope to see all of you guys next Wed Aug. 6th!!






Sneak Peek | Larnie & Patti’s Prospect Park Wedding

College Sweethearts who found each other again is the making of a true love story.  And that is what happened when Larnie married Patti in Prospect Park.  Family and friends gathered in lawn chairs and blankets to witness the union of this lovely couple and their six daughters. Yes, they are truly a very Brady Family.  Enjoy the pics!


Hoff-Richardson Wedding

Hoff-Richardson Wedding

Hoff-Richardson Wedding

Hoff-Richardson Wedding

Hoff-Richardson Wedding








10 Years ago I came to NYC

10 years ago today I packed up my VW Jetta with my dad and drove up to New York City to take a job at #lohud and start the next chapter in my life. I moved to a city where I knew no one and I found a home in Harlem where over the years I began to build a great network of friends and family. From my kids at The Salvation Army with my volunteer buddies at New York Cares to the gang at Harlem YMCA- Mondays will never be the same without Keshawn’s class.

Wanting to find the love of my life I began I dating everyone in New York from a convicted felon, a weed head, a professor, a hobbit, a hip hop producer, a jamaican, a haitian, a jew, many many africans and a guy who smuggled people to many desperate nights of surfing Craiglist to find love (in my defense CL was the SH!T back in the day)!!

And the funny thing is the love of my life, Mr. Wonderful found me on Myspace when I was trying to start my freelance business.

Along the way I have learned the value of not getting on an empty subway car to navigating the endless traffic jams (thanks mom for teaching me that learning more than one way home can save your sanity)!

Most importantly I learned that when you street park your car, your car is no longer yours and having a birthday party on the hood of the car isn’t a bad idea if they give you a piece of cake.

I have been to so many places and photographed so much with my job I don’t know where to start… Some of my favorite: US Open, #Mets, #Yankees, #Knicks, #Rangers, Millrose Games, Countless Broadway shows to celebrities like Phylicia Rashad, Cindy Lauper, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Alec Baldwin, Richard Geer, Martha Stewart, Vanessa Williams and the rest I can’t remember. Google me!

But what I love the most are the people who are everyone day people who inspire, creative, dream, and change the world we live in for the better. They constantly remind me why I decided to be come a photojournalist, opps I have a new title now,Visuals Journalist (yes even my job title change over 10 years).

Yes, my job title has changed and I have more on my plate and not enough money to have that Kardashian lifestyle, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I get to photographed people starting their lives, creating lives and just living in a world that can be so damn hard, but they continue to find the beauty and the joy of life.

Wow, that is a mouthful! It has been one kick ass ten years in New York. I am so glad I took a big bite out that damn apple. Can’t wait for what the next ten years have for me!!!

Thanks for loving and supporting me along the way!



Sneak Peek | Derrick & Joii Bobian Vow Renewal


Sneak Peek | Celebrating Gayle’s 50th Birthday

It was honored to capture the love friends and family showered Gayle with on her 50th Birthday. Those who know Gayle knows she is a woman of action, kindness and love. Thank you for letting me be there to capture this milestone. Happy Birthday, Gayle!



Sneak Peek | Camilo Andres Newborn Session

The latest addition for Chris and Lilly is Camilo Andres. It just seems like yesterday I was taking newborn photos of Dulce and now she’s a big sister. Wishing many continued blessing to this lovely family. Enjoy!


Sneak Peek | Chris & Bette in Prospect Park

I had an adventurous day with Chris and Bette filled with homemade bread, tea and a bruise hand. There is never a dull moment taking pictures. Enjoy


Sneak Peek| Christian + Amarilys Maternity Session bebe dos

I was so thrilled to get a call from Chris to tell me that he and Lily were expecting their second child, a boy. This past weekend I meet up with them for their maternity session. And I was so glad to see them all especially Dulce. She is so big now I can’t hardly believe it.  Seeing them again had me looking back at their first maternity session and wow!  Now I can’t wait to meet the newest Nunez.



Parasher Family Session | Riverside Park


FALL MINI SESSION is here…. OCT. 13th

Fall Mini Session

This is a great way to get those wonderful photos finished in time for the Holiday Season. When you call/email to schedule your photo shoot be prepared to give me the following information:

1) Full Name

2.) Email Address

(please only use one address)

3) Phone Number

4) Who going to be in the photo

5) If you have a theme you like or props for your session

6) PLEASE mention your interested in the Fall Mini Session

Breakdown of the photo shoot: The session is at Turtle Pond in Central Park (I will meet you near the entrance at 100th St. and Central Park West). Each session is for only 45 minutes. During that time we will take photos around Turtle Pond. ONLY ONE OUTFIT for the session. The session is for up to four people. If you have additional person the cost is $15. After the shoot it will take about a week retouch the images. Once the images are done you will receive an email to view your photos in a password protected gallery (please understand the wait may be a little longer during high peak times). You will be given instruction on how to select your 15 digital images. Once you pick your images, I will send out an email showing you how to download the images from CLM Visuals dropbox account. Each image is high resolution (3MB). You will be able to purchase additional photos that are not included in your coupon directly from the gallery. You can pay for purchases via PayPal or money order.

Prices, Rules and Regulations: Must pay for the session before the date of the fall mini session (it reserves your spot). You can pay via paypal, check or money order.  The Fall Mini Session includes 15 edited high resolution digital images for $150 up to 4 persons. Additional person is $15.  There is no additional charge for pets.

Cancellation: You have 48 hours before your photo shoot to cancel. If you do not call or email 48 hours before the photo shoot then you loose your money and your photo shoot is canceled. If you call within the 48 hours, you can use your Fall Mini session towards a regular session which is $250 for 2 hours with 25 edited images.  If there is bad weather the makeup date is October 20th 9am-4pm.

Late to session: We all get stuck in traffic- be it bus/subway/car and getting off work late. However, since this is Fall Mini Session there is no room for tardness, please be kind for the person booked after you and arrive early. So, if your late it comes out of your session.

Retouching: The photos will be light retouches: Cropping, alignment, color balance and correction. Extra retouching is $50 for every photo. For example smoothing your skin, bringing out your eye color, fixing dark circles under eyes, under eyes wrinkles, taking out few pounds, and removing or adding anything to the photo. Please come to the sessions with an open mind and good energy. It is my job to make you look good, feel good, and if you are in a bad mood it will translate on film. Photos last a life time and when you are building memories you want to look your best.

What to Wear: Think fun and comfortable it will translate best on camera. Wear something that brings out your personality and best features, i.e. eye color, skin tone or body shape. Make sure the cut of the clothes fit your body type you don’t want anything too baggy or too tight. Also, keep in mind of length of your skirts and necklines. Rule of thumb if you can jump up and down and nothing falls out your good to go!

What’s the best way to contact you: Email ( is the best way to get a hold of me, because most of the time I am out and about shooting or editing. But, if you are a phone person I can be reached at 914.310.4228. And I will call/text you back as soon as I can.

Carucha L. Meuse


Sneak Peek | Hay Family in Central Park

It was a nice day in the park for photos and I had a blast with the Hay family.  Thanks so so much Roxie, Skylar, Nicole and Farbod!



Sneak Peek | Dailey Family in Far Rockaway


Sneak Peek | Alfredo & Barbara NYC Courthouse Wedding


Monica & Mitchell Brooklyn

I had a wonderful time with these lovely ladies. Monica wore this beautiful red dress that belong to her mother and her daughter wore a dress that she used to wear. They just looked gorgeous.


Alterio Family shoot at Wave Hill

It was a beautiful day for photos. The air was cool and the sun setting over the Hudson was just breath taking.  Michael I hope you enjoy these photos taken with Violet and Happy 50th Birthday!!!


Julian Family in Central Park

I had way to much fun with the Julian family in Central Park. They were just so great despite the fact that it was so so hot. Brooks had his ready made poses and a smile that melted my heart. Abbie was full of ideas and suggestions of different type of poses. And every photographer loves it when clients come with ideas. Rachel & Rick you guys have such a great family. I might just have to jump in the car and go with you guys back down south. In the meantime here are just a few pictures from our hot and stick day in Central Park. Enjoy-


Celebrating Maya’s 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday Maya!!


Jordan Brand Classic basketball game at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn


Basketball Championship Wrap up at Westchester County Center

I was not always a big basketball fan. My freshman year of high school a good friend of mine said we should try out for the team. And I actually made it. Now I was no Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson I rode the pine more than actual court time, nonetheless I still love the game. There is something about the game be it the past pace or the physical contact.

Now fast forward to last week it was section 1 basketball championships in New York.  I felt like was on the bench again. And I wanted people to get a feeling of what it is like to covering several teams battling to be the best to go state championships. – Side note, be carefully of what you wish or ask for. So, I convinced my editor that I wanted to produce a ESPN/NBC wrap up package from the staffs videos and photos from the week.

Editing a weeks worth of five photographers in two days proved to be challenging… I love the final product. Let me know what you think.


Basketball Championship Week Wrap Up


Obama’s Second Term in Office

As Barack is sworn in front of millions today I think back to four years ago when document a bus load of supporters made their way down to DC to watch this historical moment in history.  I had been to DC for Bill Clinton’s inauguration but there was nothing like the spirit and crowds of people who were lining up for miles and miles to see Barack being sworn in. Please take a moment to see some of the images I shot from the inauguration and Behind the Lens: Road to The White House.


End of 2012| Morres Family in Central Park

Marjolein wanted to surprise her parents for their 35 wedding anniversary with a photo shoot in Central Park. Oh, we had a wonderful time despite the mucho frio temperatures. This was a great way to end 2012! Thank you so much Marjolein, Rudi, Kate, Jos, Mariette, Arno, Fieke, and Linda!


The various self-portraits of me, CLM

The life of a photographer is filled with a lots of time waiting… and every photographer’s first subject is themselves. And this past year I have taken over 100 different self portraits of myself. Here are just the one from my cell phone. happy holidays!


Top 12 iphone + instagram photos of 2012

Below are my top 12 picks of photos I took with my iphone & instagram. This year I got an iphone for work and discovered the app- instagram and it as been one amazing year documenting life unfold through the lens.


I was driving home waiting at the red light. I looked up watching the sun set over 125th St.I thought to myself the Apollo

Theater never look more magnificent. So I rolled down my window and took this photo.


What I love most about NYC you see everything. I was finishing up with a client in Central Park

when I noticed the pedicab guy checking his Facebook.


It seems like I am always in Central Park. I decided to go the green lawn to enjoy my lunch before meeting up with clients.

It wasn’t particularly hot that day, but it the first time in a long time since the sun was out. And it felt good just

to have it shine all over you. I rolled over and saw this girl taking full advantage of the sun too.


I was on assignment up in Stony Point, NY. I decided to take the Bear Mountain Bridge back to the city.

The fog was think looming over the Hudson River. I just had to stop and take a photo.


It was COLD outside. The day before was a big snow storm in NYC, where I thought I might had to cancel

my outdoor session in Central Park. We decided to work with the snow and have fun. I was shooting my clients near

the fountain. When I turned around I noticed she was having her photo shoot too.


I have lived in Harlem for over 8 years. I have never actually been to the Harlem Day Parade. I have been either working

or on vacation. This year I didn’t have anything schedule and the parade was right outside of my house. So I decided to attend

and it was great. And this photo of Mason I captured took me back in time.


LA was just beautiful. I had never watch the sun set like this before. My boyfriend and I sat on the beach in Venice and

watched the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. If you haven’t done it before I say  DO IT!!!


I was on assignment in Harlem capturing the essence of Easter Sunday.

“I have been attending Shiloh Baptist Church for over 38 years, says Obe Everett after attending services in Harlem.

” I always dress nice and not just for holidays.”


Shoe shinning are you kidding me. This was just a wonderful find while running errands on 125th. St.


Two friends fishing in Rockland Lake. No words needed.


I just love , love LOVe this photo. I was on the platform at 34th street waiting for the D train uptown. When I notice the pay phone.

When I saw the broke phone hanging I wondered when was the last time I used one.

Surprisingly enough it was last year in Queens when my

cell phone died.


I went to Florida for my grandmother’s funeral. I am not a big fan of funerals I don’t like my last memory of people

in a casket. I didn’t want to remember my grandmother like that. I want to remember her as the one who gave me chocolate cake,

sodas and let me eat all of the candy I want. She even let me and my sister walk down the street to the corner store on our own.

She was a strong, loyal and loving woman who made a profound impact on my life even though she could never say my name right.

To her I will always be Carutha.

While I was at the service I couldn’t bring my self to look at the casket. So as I distracted myself looking out of the window

I notice the usher crisp white gloves. And it gave me a sweet memory of getting dressed up and going to church with my grandmother.

So this is my favorite photo for 2012.


Sneak Peek | Adam’s Risky Business Photo Shoot